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Hooves & Paws Searching for Caring Owner for Small Dog, Rescue Chihuahua, with Cerebellar Hypoplasia

Sebastian, a disabled Chihuahua puppy, was diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia and has yet to find a home – much like many thousands of other disabled dogs needing homes.

It’s much easier for puppies and even adult dogs to be adopted than dogs with special needs. Sebastian was found in a gutter close to death, and will always suffer permanent health problems because of his close call. The disease he was diagnosed with, cerebellar hypoplasia, means that part of his brain never developed properly and that he will require special medication to control his seizures and special care for the rest of his life. For Sebastian and many other small dog rescues like him, this could mean a long, hard road to finding a permanent home.

“Owning a dog with special needs may be a challenge, but it can also be rewarding,” Michelle Padilla, founder and president of Hooves & Paws, explains. “These dogs have just as much spirit as other, healthier dogs – maybe even more, considering all they’ve been through. They just need a chance to shine. You can be that chance.”

Hooves & Paws is caring for Sebastian until he finds someone who can see him for the strong, loving dog that he is. Hooves & Paws is a no-kill animal shelter located in Littlerock, CA that rescues many neglected, abused and disabled animals like Sebastian every year. It is currently home to 80 animals, including dogs, horses and farm animals.

Animal lovers looking for more information on how they can help Sebastian and other dogs needing homes can visit www.hoovesandpaws.org, email the organization at hoovesandpaws@hughes.net, or call (661) 944-3740. Options for assisting animals in need include adoption, volunteering at the shelter, donating to the shelter, and animal sponsorship.

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