Hooves and Paws Animal Rescue
Our Mission

We Are a Non Profit Animal Organization Providing Shelter for Neglected, Abused and Abandoned Animals

Hooves & Paws Animal Rescue is a non profit animal rescue organization which provides a safe haven for unwanted, abused and homeless animals.  Once healthy and rehabilitated at Hooves & Paws, rescued animals are available for pet adoption.  Animals who are not adopted as rescue pets are guaranteed lifelong care at our sanctuary.

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Whenever possible we also assist animals who, because of extenuating circumstances, are unable to remain in their homes with their owners. In this climate of economic uncertainty, many people are faced with the harsh reality of not being able to support their pet, or animal. We can help give your pet a chance for the future with placement in a non profit animal organization that is in a loving and caring environment.

We carefully screen potential adoptive homes for our rescued animals. All Hooves and Paws rescue animals are evaluated for temperament and personality. This helps us to place them in homes that are well suited to their needs and to the needs of their future owners. Hooves and Paws routinely conducts home checks to ensure the welfare of the adopted rescue pet and requires an adoption application and contract.

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We strive to promote a more compassionate world for all animals.  We promote spaying and neutering as a way of counteracting the pet overpopulation crisis.  Not sterilizing animals and allowing them to breed contributes to the needless euthanasia of millions of unwanted pets each year in the United States.


We also work to promote a better understanding of issues facing farm animals at our animal organization that is non for profit. By encouraging the general public to visit Hooves & Paws animal rescue sanctuary and meet our rescued farm animals, we work to create a better awareness of this abuse as well as the understanding of farm animals as sentient beings.

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