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We have a large assortment of animals that can be either adopted or sponsored.  Some animals we may have available at different times are;  Horses, Cows, Dogs, Chickens, Ducks, Pigs, Goats and Sheep. We are an equal opportunity rescue so we may have other species not mentioned. To be considered to adopt an animal an application will need to be filled out and certain criteria must be met to ensure a proper fit and the safety of our rescued animals.

All of our animals are spayed or neutered, and updated on all vaccinations upon adoption. The prospective adoptee may need to pay any fees associated with the sterilization procedure if it hasn’t already been performed. Our mission is to eliminate the suffering caused in the past for our rescued and rehabilitated animals. Because our animals come to us usually in dire need of care, they still may require additional time and attention, and should only be considered by those dedicated to their ongoing well being. Hooves and Paws facilitates transition for the pet to prospective forever homes in the following ways;

  • Provides  adoptions to loving homes
  • Adoptee must provide safe environment for the pet
  • Adoptee must show safe and adequate housing for pet before adoption can be considered
  • Supporting sterilization of companion animals

Because we are an adoption center, we have a constant turnover. Visiting our adoption center is the best way to find the pet that you are looking for. However, if you cannot visit, check our website on a regular basis for new available pets.

Hooves & Paws does not receive any funding from governmental organizations, local or city agencies, or national animal organizations. All of our funding is received through private donations, and fundraising efforts.

To see photos of animals available for adoption or sponsoring by clicking on the links below.

Please click here to download our Hooves and Paws Adoption Application form.  Adoption fee applies.

To view other animals available for adoption, visit Featured Animals

4 years old
Queensland Heeler mix

Meiko was brought to our shelter because her previous owner could not care for her. The poor dog was unwanted but she found a home here at our sanctuary. Meiko is a sweet girl and loves to snuggle. She is very mellow and would make a great lap dog. Even though she gets along with most other animals, she would dog best as the only dog in the home.



1 year old

Sheltie Mix


Jackson was rescued after he was found wandering the streets. With nowhere else to go, we brought him to our sanctuary. Jackson had a broken leg and after emergency veterinary treatment and months of special care, he is now all healed and ready for his new home.  Jackson is great with people and animals.

3 years old
Shepherd mix

Chuy was found abandoned in the desert. He was in terrible condition but we worked round the clock to nurse him back to health. Chuy is a cute and happy boy. He is a bit independent but still craves love and attention. Chuy needs help becoming more confident around people. He would do best in a home without children and without other dogs.


7 years old
Shepherd mix

Smokey lived most of his life alone as a guard dog in an industrial area. He had very little shelter and received very little attention. Smokey is a sweet and loving dog and he truly craves human interaction. He is playful but would do best in a home without children. He has a special bond with his companion Rosie so they must be adopted together.

5 years old
Rottweiler mix

Rosie was abused and then abandoned. When she came to our sanctuary, she was terrified and she was in horrible condition, covered in hundreds of ticks. Rosie is a wonderful dog who only wants love and reassurance. She enjoys playing with tennis balls and having her stomach rubbed. Because Rosie has a special bond with Smokey, they must be adopted together.

2 years old

Chico and Cherry were found by one of our volunteers while they were running loose near a busy highway. Fearing they would be hit by a car, our volunteer brought them to our sanctuary.  Both dogs are absolute angels and would be a great addition to any family. They get along with all other animals and would be great with kids. Chico and Cherry are very smart and eager to please.


6 months old
Pit bull mix

Allie was found abandoned near our sanctuary. She was a bit shy but quickly warmed up to our volunteers. Allie enjoys the company of people and other dogs. She loves to play and would be a great dog for a family with older children. Allie is still a pup so she need some training but the sweet girl is a quick learner.

If you are interested in adopting one of these precious pooches, please contact us.

Please click here to download our Hooves and Paws Adoption Application form.  Adoption fee applies.

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