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We always hope our rescued animals are adopted by loving families but some of our animals have a harder time finding a permanent home.  The animals who remain at our sanctuary depend on us to provide them with lifelong care.  Guardians Angel Sponsors make lifelong care possible by helping us provide everything our animals need, such as food, bedding and veterinary care.

As a Guardian Angel Sponsor, you can make a one-time donation but we are especially grateful for recurring monthly donations to help care for one of our sanctuary animals. You can sponsor an animal for yourself, as a special gift for someone, or as a memorial in honor of a loved one. You will receive a beautiful color photograph of your sponsored animal with their story.

Hooves & Paws thanks you for sponsoring a special rescued animal!

We are a 501(c)(3) charity.  Tax ID #33-1007628.  Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Silver Guardian  Angel

Silver Guardian Angels will receive a color photograph and story about your sponsored animal. We will also send you regular email updates on your animal rescue sponsorship.
Option 1: Donation $25

Option 2: Monthly recurring donation: $10

Name of animal to sponsor: (please add to the comment field of your donation)

Gold Guardian Angel
Gold Guardian Angels will receive a wall plaque for your home or business and story about your sponsored animal. We will also send you regular email updates on your animal.
Option 1: Donation $105

Option 2: Monthly recurring donation: $30

Name of animal to sponsor: (please add to the comment field of your donation)

Platinum Guardian Angel
Platinum Guardian Angels who sponsor a pet online will receive a wall plaque for your home or business and story about your sponsored animal. We will send you regular email updates on your animal. Platinum sponsors will also have their name added to a plaque which will be placed near where the animal resides.
Option 1: Donation $255

Option 2: Monthly recurring donation: $50

Name of animal to sponsor: (please add to the comment field of your donation)

Animals in need of a Guardian Sponsor


Angel – Angel was a valuable show horse until she suffered a serious leg injury.  When she could no longer be ridden, she was no longer wanted by her owner.  Angel will always be loved and valued here.


Bam – Bam’s family loved him but did not have the ability to provide him the care he needed.  Now, Bam has room to roam and lots of cattle friends to keep him company.

big frankie

Frankie – Frankie was born with a serious beak deformity.  Unable to eat on her own, she was weak and hungry.  The store could not sell her and would have let her starve to death if we did not intervene.  Frankie depends on us to provide her with special feedings several times a day.  Despite her disability, she is a very healthy and happy chicken.


Brody – Brody’s mother died giving birth to him at a cattle ranch.  Fortunately, the ranchers allowed us to recue Brody instead of sending him to slaughter.  Brody is a gentle soul who loves people.

Chapito post rescue

Chapito – Chapito spent his entire life on a chain.  He was tied up and teased incessantly.  A caring neighbor convinced Chapito’s owners to let him be rescued.  Chapito was very frustrated when he came to our sanctuary but with patience, freedom and love, he has become one of our most affectionate goats.


Chuy – Chuy was found abandoned in the desert.  He would have died without food and water but he was found by a caring individual and brought to our sanctuary.  Chuy is still a bit scared of people but he feels safe at our sanctuary.


Daisy – Daisy was loved by her family for many years but due to serious health problems, they could no longer care for her.  Daisy will be guaranteed a life of love and happiness at our sanctuary.


Darby – Darby was rescued when he was only a day old after he was found stuck in mud and suffering at a large dairy farm.  Darby is now a healthy 2,000 pound steer who loves to be brushed and to play with his best friend, Gilby.


Delores – Delores was found wandering the streets of a busy city.  After she was picked up by animal control, she was in desperate need of a safe haven.  We offered her a spot at our sanctuary and now Delores spends her days roaming the acres of our sanctuary.


Dolly – Dolly was losing her home and desperately needed a place to go.  Now safe at our sanctuary, she spends her days with her best friend, Sancho.  Dolly loves to be hugged and brushed.


Marley – Marley was born at our sanctuary after we rescued his pregnant mother.  Marley is 2 years old now and spends his days enjoying the comfort of his mom’s company.

Moby with apples 2 (2)

Moby – Moby was living in filthy conditions when we rescued him.  Because he received such inadequate care for so long, he suffered terrible health problems.  We have provided Moby with extensive veterinary care and most of his ailments have improved but he has some permanent vision loss.  Moby is an older guy who loves to sleep and eat treats.


Momo – Momo was raised as part of a 4-H project and was destined to go to slaughter.  But, his family asked us to help save his life.  Momo is an amazing sheep who loves to have his head and neck scratched.

Mr. B

Mr. B – Mr. B had a loving family until a serious illness required that the family move and Mr. B needed a safe place to go.  Mr. B is an older goat who has a sweet and feisty side.


Nippi – When Nippi was a baby, her leg was mangled by a horse but she did not receive any veterinary care.  When she was finally rescued, her leg could not be saved.  Nippi gets along extraordinarily well despite her disability.  She does not mind that she only has three legs and she still loves to play head butting games with her goat friends.


Oliver – Oliver was born at our sanctuary after we rescued his pregnant mom.  Oliver was born with a serious health defect and needed surgery at one day old.  He has required multiple follow-up treatments and still needs ongoing care but Oliver is an extremely happy and active goat who loves people.


Papelbon – Papelbon came to us after he suffered a serious injury.  He has healed very well now but has an ongoing problem with his back leg.  Papelbon will always need a bit of special care but he is more than happy to receive the pampering.


Quigley – Quigley was brought to our sanctuary after he was abandoned.  Quigley is a very handsome duck who loves to eat and play in the water.


Rex – Rex was taken to an animal control shelter by his family because he had health problems.  Fearing that he would be euthanized, we quickly rescued Rex and provided him with the veterinary care he needed.  Rex is now a completely healthy and happy little pig.


Rosie – Rosie was found abandoned on a street corner, covered with hundreds of ticks.  Rosie needed months of veterinary care to rehabilitate her, but now she is completely healthy.  Rosie is still a bit insecure from her abandonment and she needs lots of reassurance and love.


Ruger – Ruger came to our sanctuary because she required lifelong care.  Ruger has a club foot and she needs special hoof care to keep her comfortable.  Ruger is an amazingly sweet and gentle horse who loves people.

Rusty (2)

Rusty – Rusty was in jeopardy of being slaughtered and desperately needed sanctuary.  Rusty loves his life here with his human and cattle friends.  He is a very intelligent and sweet boy who loves attention.


Samson – Samson was mistreated and destined for slaughter until a caring animal lover rescued him and brought him to our sanctuary.  Samson is a character and he loves to play games and jump on anything and everything.


Sancho – Sancho is an adorable mini donkey who lost his home and needed a safe place to go.  He will always be safe at our sanctuary where he can spend the rest of his days with his best friend, Dolly.

Sebastian updated

Sebastian – Sebastian was found close to death in a gutter when he was only weeks old.  Sebastian has permanent brain damage and suffers from seizures.  He will need medication for the rest of his life.  Despite his struggles, Sebastian is an extremely happy pup and his condition improves every day.

Smokey 2

Smokey – Smokey was a junk yard dog until we rescued him from his life of loneliness and neglect. Smokey embraces his new life of love at our sanctuary and enjoys spending his days with Rosie, one of our other rescued dogs.


Stanley – Stanley was brought to our sanctuary after he was rescued from being slaughtered.  Now a 600 pound pig, Stanley is a truly gentle soul who loves to have his belly rubbed.

Sunny with toys 1

Sunny – Sunny’s family could no longer keep him after he bit a child.  Sunny is not a mean boy, he just gets a bit nervous with fast movements.  Sunny has embraced farm life and he loves to have lots of space to run.

Sweet Chloe

Chloe – Before she was rescued, Chloe was receiving basic care but she spent her days alone and tied to a tree.  Now, Chloe is surrounded by lots of goat friends and she has all the freedom she deserves.


Wildfire – Wildfire lived her life at an alpaca farm where she was valued for her fleece.  But, as she got older and the quality of her fleece diminished, she was no longer wanted.  Wildfire will always be valued here regardless of her age.


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